Fantasy Book Publishers | 5 Steps Guide To Get Your Book Published

Fantasy Book Publishers

Did you work hard in creating a magical world filled with magical elements, mythical characters and creatures, and grand adventures? Fancying a magical fairy tale fantasy novel? Journey to the world of publication can look treacherous. Fear not, aspiring wordsmiths! Read this ultimate guide and open the curtain to introduce you the fantasy book publishers and let you know how to choose the best one for you.

#1 Understanding the Fantasy Publishing Landscape: A Tapestry of Subgenres

Fantasy holds one of the biggest and most active spaces in literature. Whether you fancy writing complex tapestries in the vein of high fantasy or the grim and dangerous worlds of grimdark, there is a subgenre out there ready for you.

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    High Fantasy: 

    One can link it to grand quests like some mythical creatures or great battles. An excellent example of this is Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. Such stories can have rich described chosen one arcs, complex magical systems, and clear settings.

    Urban Fantasy: 

    There are some creatures that still exist in the world and they live along with us. One of such subgenres is the urban fantasy detailed by Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files” series. Urban fantasy can have such aspects as a noir, the detective, and references to contemporary society.

    Sword & Sorcery: 

    Potent action and dramatic tales that include stirring scenes with keen swordsman skills and things that go bump in the night. To illustrate this, we look to Robert E. Howard’s famous “Conan the Barbarian” series. Such stories are typically characterised by strong naked male characters, dangerous quests, and a focus on wild territories.

    Grimdark Fantasy: 

    A subtype of the fantasy genre that presents darker, edgier stories, that may depict the use of force and depict evil and good more neutrally. One example is George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire “series. Grimdark fantasy involves protagonists or antagonists with imperfections, and often involves bad things or evil done by good characters, dystopian themes, and emphasis on political machinations.

    #2 Identifying Your Ideal Publisher: Tailoring Your Approach to Find the Perfect Home

    Once you have classified your story under a subgenre, you can proceed to look for the top book publishers in us of fantasy. Here are key factors to consider when tailoring your approach:Here are key factors to consider when tailoring your approach:

    Publisher Focus: 

    Identify research publishers who deal in works that fall under your sub-genre or within related ones. You should try to find those firms that are more known to produce fantasy literature. These websites often state editorial policy and the specific fields and genres the given publishers are interested in.

    Submission Guidelines: 

    Each journal/daily has submission guidelines that state the best way to format your work, how many words you’re allowed, and what documents are needed. Take keen consideration in following these guidelines to allow your manuscript to have the probable consideration it warrants. Adhering to the submission guidelines shows respect to the publisher and the work that they are putting into your manuscript.

    Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: 

    In a nutshell, traditional publishers provide the necessary editorial input, marketing assistance, and an already existing market for the delivered product. Listing one’s works independently gives the author a larger degree of freedom when it comes to the content but puts the burden of advertising and sales on the writer. It depends on various factors like objectives and resources one has at its disposal and one must consider each preceding strategy in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.

    Read about marketing of self-published books and increase your book’s sales.

    #3 Exploring the Realm of Fantasy Book Publishers: A Curated List

    The rules range from the very obvious to moving up the food chain from small animals to mammals or from lesser to greater strangeness moving from birds to reptiles.

    Here’s a list of some established fantasy book publishers to get you started (consider researching each publisher further to ensure alignment with your specific subgenre):

    • Book Publishing and Marketing:

    BPM is born for high fantasy and science fiction, Book Publishing and Marketing is very rigorous.

    • Mermaid Publishers: 

    Mermaid Publishers is a second rocket ship of speculative fiction, Orbit focuses on voices from the margins and offers a hugely varied roster of genres within the fantasy sphere.

    • Barnes and Noble Official: 

    Barnes and Noble official, this company primarily focuses on releasing both top and new hopeful fantastic writers.

    • Ghostwriting Services Pro: 

    Proud to be recognized as professionals who only work with the best, the Ghostwriting Services Pro is a collection of epic fantasy and fantasy with high literary values from the creators of fascinating literary works that do not fit into the genre.

    • Ghostwriting: 

    Another legend in the realm of fantasy publication is Ghostwriting which is continuing the legacy of the kinds of fantasy publications with legendary and classic books that readers can only find in mystery and fantasy treasure troves.

    #4 Beyond the Big Names: Exploring Independent Presses

    Many times, independent presses specialise in promoting works that are unconventional or not easily categorised under the umbrella of the fantasy genre. Here are some resources to help you discover independent fantasy publishers:Here are some resources to help you discover independent fantasy publishers:

    Book Publishing and Marketing:- 

    one if the top book publishing houses with an interest in independent publishers, established as a non-profit.

    Crafting a Compelling Submission Package: 

    There is a magic key which unlocks every opportunity to have your works published.

    After you realise the right editorial units to approach, assemble a professional-looking Query Package that will effectively sell your writing skills and engage the editors. Here are some crucial elements:

    #5 Additional Tips for Aspiring Fantasy Authors

    • Refine Your Manuscript: 

    Your manuscript needs to look professional when it is complete and beta readers/writing critique partners can help fine-tune it. There are writing workshops and online writing critique groups that would help if one aims to improve on the craft.

    • Research Fantasy Market Trends: 

    These may help you update with the current trends in the intended class of fantasy publications to which you may submit your work. Make yourself with current trends as well as subgenres in the market that readers would be interested in.

    • Network and Build Connections: 

    Join writing conventions or forums so that you can interact with other writers or people who write the same genre as you, specifically fantasy writers and the like. Being in forums, composing real-time discussions, or meeting in a critique group gives great feedback and contact to the world of fantasies.

    The Journey Begins: Your First Steps towards Publishing

    There can be nothing more exciting than the world of fantasy. This is truer when it comes to publishing houses seeking to source books. While subgenres are closely related to each other, knowing the differences, studying suitable publishers. Preparing a strong submission pack make your fabulous work beloved by its future home. As has pointed out, endurance is a critically important factor for a successful career in publishing business. So, the message is continue to learn and improve your creation without allowing severities to demoralise you. As a writer, you now carry the keys to unleash your publishing passion with the insight and information of this great resource to take your unique world to audiences all over the globe.

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