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We often employ highly qualified experts in Ghostwriting, Marketing and Editing from channels like BBC, Forbes, and LA times among others. Testimony speaks volumes as to our success rate which we have made it our ability to transform organizations, brands, and individuals for success in their respective fields.

With your ideas, concept, and vision, our team of professionals takes you from idea to the New York Times bestseller list. We know that the interest grabs tale is important and we make the writing process seem like a walk in the park.

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Professional & Affordable Ghost Writing Services In The USA

The key values have been defined and one of them reflects the main priority – client orientation and desire for creativity. This combination proves useful in our professional ghostwriting services as well as eBook ghostwriting to make your work exclusive.

Even though our ghostwriters mostly focus on nonfiction, they are equally comfortable at varying across genres. When it comes to voice, format, down to the choice of words, they have capability to transform your vision into a reality. We pride ourselves with quality work at pocket-friendly charges to guarantee affordable ghostwriting services for all the kinds of writing services.

We work hard to get the best results for you. We assign you a competent writer with the ability to meet set goals as per our clients’ expectations. Combined, you will create a positioning and design for your project, in terms of direction and architecture. Hire this service expecting well-written papers submitted within the given deadline and with constant updates on the progress made.

Your story is important and you deserve to tell it, and we make this a possibility for you. Right from the initial discussion, we ensure that clients are at ease and that their ideas are at the forefront of our session. We also appreciate your feedback in the course of the project because we acknowledge that every project is different.

We only use experienced ghostwriters who understand your needs and welcome any thought or feedback you may have. We gently intermingle narrative with persuasive modes of writing to speak directly to your audience. Get a free consultation today to go over your project specifications and find out more about our low-cost ghostwriting options.

Roadmap of Our Ghostwriting Service

Explore the Book Publishing and Marketing's comprehensive Ghostwriting plan, tailored to elevate your book's visibility. From strategic promotion to targeted outreach, we've got your story covered.

  • Collaborative Kick-off

  • We do not exclude or ignore any steps needed for creating our final product just as your book was built from ground up. We will discuss with you about your goals in the process and determine the parameters of your project so you will have your book being made as per the deadline and cost that you have set.

  • Crafting Your Story Together

  • It is from your imagination that you are going to plot an interesting story. Together with you, we will create a detailed outline of the topic, its vision, as well as the most important episodes and scenes. Self-actualization allows you to reach a consensus with the author about how to structure your book and appeal to your audience.

  • Stay in the Driver's Seat

  • Transparency is key. The general outline and specific issues you’d like included in your manuscript will be presented to you for your approval before our writers start writing. This means that your input and vision guide the writing process including the overall writing style.

  • Refining Your Masterpiece

  • When the writing of the manuscript is done, editors and proofreaders who are equally as capable join the fray. You will find different people who will work in order to provide your book with high-class features such as clarity, correct grammar, and the flow that any reader will find himself or herself following through without feeling bored.

  • Professional Presentation

  • Your book deserves to shine. Formatting a manuscript requires a professional approach, which can be a complex process especially for a lone author, but our team will help in compiling your manuscript in readiness for publication online, in journals, newspapers, magazines among other media outlets. This ranges from correct division of chapters to placing of numbers on the various pages of the document and appropriate choice of fonts.

  • Unveiling Your Book

  • Are you ready and willing to have your story published in newspapers and magazines? We can help! This elective service investigates the targeting of specific kinds of publishing opportunities that fit your aim and provides selection advice on the approach that the book ought to be published, alongside helping develop a practical organizing approach to maximize the probability of the book being a go-to work for readers.

Let Us Take It to The Next Step for Your Book

We believe your story deserves a big audience. With our help, your book can be available to readers all around the world. Through smart marketing and online platforms, we make sure your words connect with the right people. So, let's make your book journey exciting and get it into the hands of millions of eager readers, ready to dive into your captivating story.

We are dedicated to serveyou with the right options

Our diverse range of options aren’t meant to leave you overwhelmed— but to expand your choices on what you deem fit for yourself! From custom printed books to eBook distribution— we have it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ghostwriting rates are not fixed, and may depend more on type of project, setting, genre and experience level of the writer. Even to show you a price quote, we provide free consultations to go through your requirements.

Our experienced ghostwriters come prepared for any style of work: book (fiction & non-fiction), blog posts & website content, articles, scripts.

Absolutely! The perk of working with us is that the copyrights of the collected and ghostwritten work are all yours. And of course, we offer a service of a copyright transfer agreement to ensure your safety.

Our agency also has a list of professional ghostwriters for hire, who have experience in diverse fields and specialty areas. We will try to find the best single writer that can suit your requirements for the specific project.

They value teamwork, trust, and comfort with competition. You will be responsible for contributing initial concepts, reviewing/Judging drafts, and making the last decision about the content. As for the rest, we are here to provide you with constant updates on the progress.

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